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Molly Gene One Whoaman Band is a true one person band. She produces a full band sound all by herself with ferocious slide guitar, harmonica, and sings with a powerful voice, all whilst kicking out beats on her custom Farmer Footdrum. Growing up between the Florida Keys and a rural farm in central Missouri, Molly honed her own unique sound with roots in the deep blues and folk with her own rock n roll edge. In 2009 she found herself playing more and more shows and soon recorded her first studio album "Hillbilly Love", an 11 song romp and stomp on the Solid Audio Productions record label. Immediately following that release she was asked to go on a U.S. tour with one man band legend Bob Log III to much acclaim. This began her trip down the road to share the stage with some of the best in roots music in the following months (Left Lane Cruiser, Sissormen, Reverend Deadeye, Goddamn Gallows, Ten Foot Polecats), including delivering arguably one of the best performances at the 2011 Deep Blues Festival in Cleveland Ohio. In the fall of 2011 Molly returned to the studio to record her much anticipated follow-up album "Folk Blues and Booze". Her second release features 14 songs, a mixture of folk songs recorded on her resonator in an old historic courthouse, her own brand of blues, and her signature whiskey soaked rockers (booze). Immediately after its recent release in late October, Molly was asked along on the road with yet another on the forefront of one man bands, Scott H. Biram. The two teamed up with Joe Buck Yourself for an unforgettable set of performances all over the western United States. In 2012 Molly had her first European tour featuring performances at Blues Rules Festival as well as Muddy Roots Europe, and 3 full United States coast to coast tours including performances at Deep Blues Festival, Muddy Roots, and Farmeggedon Festival.
Nowadays Molly Gene finds herself constantly on tour. Endorsed by Farmer Footdrums, she recently toured out west landing in Anaheim CA to help show off the latest versions of one man band gear at the 2013 NAMM show, followed by a two month tour of Europe.
Regardless of which of these places one might see her, Molly strives to rock your face off, and stands on her own as one of the best performers out there that needs no band. It's not just a mans world anymore, make way for the Whoaman.

Instrumentation: Slide Guitar, Dobro, Farmer Footdrum, Harmonica.

Molly Gene One Whoaman Band - Hillbilly Love CD Solid Audio Productions 2010
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band - Folk, Blues and Booze CD Solid Audio Productions 2011



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